Vintage Restoration

Vintage Restoration vs. Renovation

Vintage Restoration of a Travel Trailer is the return to factory original. It is the perfect avenue for collectors and aficionados who have been able to secure an intact, original trailer, in relatively mint, complete condition. For many the idea of a full restoration of a vintage coach is similar to that of restoring a classic car and in some respects that is true with the difference being that with the vintage travel trailer due to limited production runs, and scarcity of units, original parts can be much more difficult to find. While some feel that factory original trailers carry a higher value, similar to all-original classic automobiles, often times the cost of a true restoration meets or exceeds the market value. The value is in the use and enjoyment you get out of your coach.
The majority of our clientele choose Vintage Renovation. This is where we take an original vintage coach and customize both the interior and exterior to suit our client’s desires and needs. The result is the look and feel of a vintage travel trailer but with the functionality of any high end coach on the market today. The possibilities are endless. Builds range anywhere from a modern take on a classic coach with upgraded amenities such as self containment systems, bathrooms where there previously were none…., to guest accommodations with hotel type amenities, to mobile businesses or marketing applications.
This is a Portfolio of some of the Restoration/Renovation Projects we have completed.  Please see our For Sale page to view Trailers For Sale.  We also offer a full range of vintage RV repair services. If you are interested in our services please contact us!