Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flyte Camp Giving Tours?

Unfortunately, we are not offering tours at this time.  If you have a project that you wish to discuss with us, please contact us to schedule a meeting.  

Can I sell my vintage trailer to Flyte Camp?

If you are looking to sell your pre-1965 travel trailer, please email with the following information:

Make, Model, & Length of Trailer

Current Condition of Trailer

Photos of the interior and exterior

Location, if it is titled, towable, and asking price

Please note we are unlikely to respond to inquiries pertaining to trailers newer than 1965, with the exception of Flyte Camp’s Neutron and Airstreams.

I'm looking for advice on restoring my own trailer

We are honored that you have come to our page for advice on restoration projects!

We post a lot of our restoration processes and advice on our Youtube channel: 

We also do much of our research online and always suggest others to do the same as every project is different and custom in nature.  A few of our other favorite websites for resources are: and  We also find vintage trailer Facebook groups to be helpful as well!

I need help identifying a trailer!

There have been a plethora of makes, models, and manufacturers of travel trailers throughout the years, which can make identifying your trailer tricky!  We often have to do research if it is a trailer we do not recognize. For help in identifying your vintage trailer, we'd suggest doing as much online research as possible. A few sites we find helpful are: and Vintage Trailer Facebook or forum pages may also be helpful. 

What does a Flyte Camp Restoration cost?

That's a loaded question! Every project is custom in nature, and the cost of a full restoration varies greatly depending on the make, model, year, and condition of the trailer. As all of our restorations are unique and custom, much of the amenities and finishes desired also have an impact on the final cost. Demand for product and materials are constantly changing, which can also impact the cost.  Most trailers that have had a full restoration or renovation in the 18-30 ft length have ranged from $60,000-$300,000. This is a very broad estimate and is in no way meant to be a definitive answer.  

What will it cost to restore my travel trailer?

Due to the custom nature of our work, we are unable to provide project estimates ahead of time.  Flyte Camp bills for time and materials for every restoration project at a rate of $120/hr, and our goal is to be as transparent as possible throughout the build in terms of time and costs. If you are interested in finding out if you have a budget to restore your pre-1965 travel trailer, please email us at with the following information:

Trailer make, model, year & length


Description of desired amenities

Description of current condition of trailer

Photos of both the interior and exterior, along with any specific areas of concern

Tell me more about Flyte Camp's Neutron!

We are thrilled to be in production of our 2021 models and can't wait to see more Neutron's on the road!  The Neutron is a newly manufactured, handcrafted and semi-custom built travel trailer. It is a true vintage inspired travel trailer with modern amenities and function for today's travel. The trailer is entirely built in house, making the quality and craftsmanship exaclty what you'd expect from a Flyte Camp restoration.   

Neutron's are made to order and a deposit is required to get started. Starting at $94,000. 

Does Flyte Camp offer financing?

We currently do not offer financing options.

A deposit is required to start any restoration work.

Where did the name Flyte Camp come from?

Justin's love of vintage travel trailers originally came from memories of viewing slides of his father Harry, as well as his grandparents. These slides featured the family's trailer traveling across the country in the 1940's and 50's. Many of the original aluminum travel trailers were constructed by aircraft manufacturers. And it so happened that Harry spent his career as an aircraft sheet metal mechanic. It was important to us that our name include a reference to his aviation career. Add to that, the first travel trailer that Justin and Anna personally owned was a 1958 Shasta Airflyte. Thus, the name Flyte Camp was born.

When will Flippin RV's be back on air?

At this time, we are currently not expected to air any new episodes. However, we encourage you to stay tuned to our website and Facebook pages for any updates. As we are not on air at the moment, we put a lot of our content and project updates on our Youtube channel!

Can I purchase Flippin RV episodes?

Unfortunately, Flippin RV's is not on DVD or available for purchase on any streaming services. The best way to view the show is on Great American Country.

Did Flyte Camp restore the pink and white double-decker trailer?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions! Unfortunately, Justin and Anna did not end up restoring the beautiful 1956 Stewart.  It moved to a new home in San Francisco a few years ago. It is most certainly one of the most memorable trailers that has come through Flyte Camp! 

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