1962 Airstream Bambi Photo Trailer

We’re happy to show a unique aspect of our portfolio in this 1962 Bambi Photo Booth client renovation. 

First, all of the interior components and systems were removed. The body was taken off completely from the frame to install new underlayment. A few of the lower exterior panels were replaced. All of the metal seams were sealed upon the completion of reattaching the body. The primary system installation was heavy on the electrical given the purpose of the trailer. Outlets were installed at the base of the passenger side cabinet, two in the rear of the trailer, 1 in the front, and one on the driver’s side exterior wall near the gull wing door. New insulation and subfloor were applied. The trailer required two 6 volt AGM batteries. Before paint was applied inside, new interior metal panels were installed and the fiberglass caps were repaired.  

A marmoleum flooring was installed in a classic pattern. The interior was painted to create an optimum photo environment in the small space. Four LED puck lights were installed on the interior and four more on the door. 

A Gullwing door was created and installed to flip up. A gas spring and lift with brackets help move the door up and down. Gullwing door latches keep the door firmly in place when not in use. The Marquee light brings the trailer together with purpose and highlights it in bright red letters. The sign also required a strut for putting the sign down while traveling. 

Cabinetry was limited in the photo booth to a bench, passenger side cabinet, and a rear cabinet equipped to store 32 quart plastic bins. A railing was installed to create a boundary when the trailer was open for operation.